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The company MACHINE4Y, developed smart bins and reverse logistics with a production line fo rRESID4Y.

A RESID4Y offers rental services for this technology for various purposes, including events, shows, companies involved in waste management and also directly for government administrations. One of The main advantages of this technology are the savings generated in waste collection and recycling logistics. Furthermore, it provides a valuable opportunity for brands and companies to associate themselves with sustainability, strengthening their marketing and social responsibility initiatives. These innovative solutions represent an important step towards a more sustainable world, where waste management becomes efficient and environmentally conscious.

Our proposal is to provide financial, environmental and entrepreneurial education for children, young people and teenagers. Our goal is to encourage not only students, but also parents, teachers and society as a whole to get involved in recycling. Through this effort, we seek to generate income, stimulate the local economy and promote education, highlighting the value that recycling can bring to individuals and public authorities. We are committed to creating a positive impact for both people and the environment.

An innovative approach to collecting different types of waste, which currently negatively impacts our sustainability. Through this new technology, we are playing a
significant role in reducing the contamination of these wastes that are sent to landfills, thus promoting 
more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.



Centro Corporativo:

Vinhedo - SP

Rua Fluminense, 379,

CEP: 13287-204
Tel.: +55 19 3826-2885


São Leopoldo - RS

Av. São Borja, 1336

Rio Branco

CEP: 93032-500​

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